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Genesis Mining - неограниченные контракты!


 The big news first: There's a new pre-sale of fresh Bitcoin mining plans live right now! We've already sold more than half of our available hashpower so take a leap if you want to join in early. The last pre-sale batch that we've sold in September has been live since the beginning of November and we're already working hard on ramping up the next big batches!


 The mining start for this new pre-sale is set to 28th of February 2018! You may have noticed that we've had to slightly increase the prices – this is due to the general extraordinary demand and specifically due to hardware component manufacturers also increasing their pricing significantly. At this point in time it's extremely difficult to acquire huge quantities of hardware parts as the production of all components can't keep up with the present demand.


Despite this market environment we are doing our very best to keep the pricing and time of deployment as low as possible and I think you'll be glad to hear that our contracts are staying open-ended with a maintenance fee of only $0.00028 per GH per day.


 That said, there's a lot more good news regarding our Customer Service improvements, Segwit2x and Ethereum that you can check out in our latest monthly service report for october.


 Every person who mines with us helps make what we do possible, and we appreciate your support as we work to improve our service while getting you your hard earned coins!


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